1. lunchboxdoodles:

    Have a CHOMPY Tuesday!

    Skylanders are very popular at our house.

  2. … personal data is the new currency of the 21st century, and until we rein in our desire to spend it we can’t really stop others’ desires to spy on it.
  3. Via Reception

  4. celebritygoogly:

    Queen “Googly Eyes” Elizabeth II

  5. But when people talk to me about the technology I have to constantly Reframe the Issue and explain how I’m not all pro any technology for its own sake. You don’t go, “Oh here’s this cool technology let me shoehorn it into my classroom.” Instead you go, “I think I have thought of the best way to teach this, and it would be impossible in an analog world, but I know enough about the technologies to realize this idea.” You don’t go to a twenty-minute inservice about and go “I’m going to make an lesson.” You use for your own purposes, or you suspect its utility and put it in your back pocket, until your awesome instruction idea needs in order to exist. Your lesson is the fuel and is the oxygen.
  6. … let me take this opportunity once again to distinguish between personal learning and personalized learning:
    - ‘personal learning’ is when you create your own learning - self-directed learning is the typical instantiation of personal learning
    - ‘personalized learning’ is when someone else creates some standard learning, and then tailors it (‘personalizes’ it) for you.